• What's Take Two Attack?

    Take Two Attack is a word building game.

    Use Letter Tiles to build out a network of words as fast as possible.

    Each time you use up your shelf tiles you win a 'Take Two' and all players are sent two more tiles.

    Complete the game and win two of the three categories (Fastest Time, Best Word, Most Total Points) to emerge victorious from your word battle.

    Good Luck!

  • What exactly is in this App?

    Incredibly exciting features include:

    - Play against other iOS devices using Bluetooth or Wifi
    - Compete against the World in the Daily Showdown Puzzle Mode
    - Many Achievements to discover and unlock.
    - Play and Pass Mode for play on One Device.
    - Keep track of the rounds where you scored the Fastest Times, Best Words, and Most Points dominance.
    - Play Solo to hone your skills.
    - Get updates of new High Scores and Achievements from your friends.
    - Optimized for iPad, iPhone 5 and all iPhone Retina displays
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  • Who made this?

    Dan Carlson

    Dan created Take Two Attack in his spare time. He lives in Chilliwack B.C. with his wife and son and is really hoping it will stop raining soon.

    Nigerian royalty, send your lucrative offers to dan@rectangled.com.

  • Big Thanks to:

    Flashkit and Narfstuff for their great public domain sound effects (Flashkit web, Narfstuff web).

    Broke For Free for letting us use their track Something Elated in our video, and the Free Music Archive for providing a great place to find music on the web.

    Simfinger for the great tool for making iPhone Simulator Videos (Github)